1,000,001  Ways
to  Opt  outside
PROBLEM: Not too many people across the US know who or what REI Co-op is as a brand, company, and retailer.

CONCEPT: There's a million and one ways to opt outside
for  the  1,000,001
ways  to  opt outside

Over the last few years, REI has been working hard to prioritize our brand. We need to demonstrate what REI Co-op is for those who don’t know us and to keep REI top of mind for those who do. Sure, we camp, hike, ski and paddle. We’re experts at those things. But we know there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors that are a little weird—like us.

We created this campaign with existing assets, meaning there was no bespoke photo/video shoot for this campaign to ensure budgets were met.

Our campaign to increase brand awareness has been a huge success! In just the 1st 3-months of being LIVE, we saw a 7% increase in awareness Quarter over Quarter and a 3% increase Year over Year. And we're just beginning!
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