I've  worked  with  some  great  people.  
Some  of  those  great  people  think  I'm  kinda  great  too.
Taylor  Cassell
Springer is a total badass who pushes back and blows work up to put it back together 100x stronger. His creative work is fully married to the strategy. He dives deep into the work, makes everyone from each discipline work harder in their role to get the work right, and pushes back when it's failing. Every job (big and small) he touches has been stronger with his influence. Springer was core to our team's culture and critical to the work. He's a tremendous loss to our flip cup team and an amazing agency gain.

David  Buckley
POP, Inc.
In a word - relentless. Springer brings the heat. He takes an ordinary ask and finds a way to make it extraordinary. Always curious. Always pushing for bigger and bolder ideas. Has a passion for his craft and love for his team. I was fortunate to work with Jonathan for a couple years at POP. It's just a matter of time before we bring the band back together...

Joe  Bartolucci
Bernstein-Rein Advertising
Springer is the type of creative where you have to tell him to stop coming up with ideas. He drives his car like he comes up with ideas: fast & furious... and also prolific. He's a great art director, with a backbone in digital and ability to work in traditional. He's the type of creative that can make a huge difference at an agency... I will hire him again if I get the chance!

Aaron  Cathey
TwoWest, Inc.
Springer is creative, ambitious and he has the guts to push creative ideas and execution. There's no other way to say it, the guy has skill. I get stoked to work on projects with him because he always raises the level of the idea. He makes good work, good agencies and good ideas great.

Tyler  Galloway
Kansas City Art Institute
Springer was always very diligent in his process, putting in extra time to make his work as good as it could possibly be. This often paid off in innovative and memorable projects that were well-researched and conceptually strong. His positive & fun attitude, combined with his strong work ethic, make Jonathan a great person to work with.